The 14th February, better known as Valentine’s Day, is either highly appreciated or hated; and the line which that draws is very small. If you are one of many who despise the day, don’t let it bring you down anymore. There are still many chances for you to find that special someone. One chance is taking place next month at our Lock and Key Singles Party Night London.

If you aren’t familiar with the specialist speed dating event, it is especially beneficial for meeting numerous people in the same place and on the same night! Luckily, this particular event isn’t as stereotypical as the rest. For one it is being hosted in one of London’s finest bars; Sama, situated on the Bankside.

How does lock and key work?

Basically put, it’s one of the best methods for breaking the ice. Even if you don’t find your other half, the event is great for socialising all the while providing a fun night out. Upon arrival to the SAMA venue, ladies will be supplied with a lock and the gentlemen a key. The aim is to find every matching lock and key, and of course doing so means you meet someone new!

When you have sourced the right key or lock, you will then be provided with a new one; meaning nearly endless possibilities for meeting new people. Furthermore, if you are a shy type of person the event is ideal due to the option of standing back and allowing people to come find you.

If this doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, don’t let it prevent you from coming along; you won’t know unless you try. The lock and key part of the evening lasts only 2 hours, so come along for the prize event and DJ set.

The Lock and Key Singles Party Night London is taking place on Saturday 10th March 2018 at SAMA 3 Robinson Road. If you require further information, please don’t hesitate in contacting Class Speed Date today.

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