There are times in a single person’s life when they’re looking for someone with whom they can share their experiences. This is something we are capable of assisting you with. A reputable event planner, we have worked to plan the most enjoyable Lock and Key Singles Party Night London has to offer. Taking place on Saturday 10th March, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to make some new connections.

At times, individuals require some convincing as to why functions like ours would be beneficial. We like to aid those who’ve yet to make a choice. What we’ve done here is come up with some reasons why you should attend a single’s event. They will prove especially useful to people who are serious about meeting someone.

Practice approaching and talking to people

To begin with, they can give you valuable practice. First impressions are paramount after all. Events of this nature consist of a sequence of initial impression sittings. After attending, go out again a few days later and you’ll find that approaching someone has become far easier. If your skills haven’t perfected, there shall definitely be some major improvements.

Discover new attractions

Another reason to participate in a singles night is that it presents you with the chance to broaden your horizons. In our business, you often discover that people end up being attracted to those who they wouldn’t usually consider. If you possess any built-in preconceptions yourself, our events will act as the ideal remedy.

At Class Speed Date, our events permit you to be as forward as you desire. The venue of choice for the March event is London’s own SAMA Bar at 3 Robinson Road. Throughout the evening, you’ll be able to dance to the DJs tunes and even win some prizes if you’re lucky enough.

If you would like to know more about our single’s night, you’re more than welcome to contact us. Tickets are only £25, so grab yours now before they all go.

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