Get some practice and broaden your horizons

There are times in a single person's life when they're looking for someone with whom they can share their experiences. This is something we are capable of assisting you with. A reputable event planner, we have worked to plan the most enjoyable Lock and Key Singles Party Night London has to offer. Taking place on [...]

Don’t let Valentine’s Day bring you down

The 14th February, better known as Valentine's Day, is either highly appreciated or hated; and the line which that draws is very small. If you are one of many who despise the day, don't let it bring you down anymore. There are still many chances for you to find that special someone. One chance is [...]

The benefits of attending a single’s night

If you are reading this, chances are that you are looking for something different to the modern online dating scene. We aim to change all that however, by giving you an invitation to what is perhaps the most popular Lock and Key Singles Party Night London has to offer. Taking place on 10th March, from [...]

Tinder won’t work? Lock and Key will

Have you found all attempts at discovering that special someone have failed? With Tinder, POF and other modern dating apps seemingly taking over, other ways of meeting new people have slowly faded out. Sadly, that's no good for those who want to try and keep things organic and not all online. Luckily, taking place on [...]